How can I help you?

Whether you’re self-publishing or querying, it’s a tough market out there. I want to help you have the strongest chance of getting your book on bestseller lists. A polished manuscript is key, and this requires professional editing and proofreading.

I offer six levels of editing services:

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Developmental Edit

Developmental editing is the first step after you’ve completed your manuscript. This edit takes a big picture view of the story and focuses on things like:

  • Structure
  • Characterisation & character development
  • World-building
  • Dialogue
  • Pacing & flow
  • Plot
  • Point of view (POV)
  • Themes
  • Consistency
It does not include editing of the writing itself, but rather aims to help the author deliver the best story they can.

Feedback will be in the form of your manuscript as a word document with comments, as well as an email detailing any patterns or issues noticed.

Price: $0.011/word
[50,000 word manuscript = $550]

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Line Edit

Line editing focuses on improving the prose for flow and readability. The purpose is not to identify errors in the manuscript, but rather to help the writer use language in a way that effectively communicates the story to the reader. This includes checking of:

  • Paragraph structure
  • Sentence flow & variation
  • Word choice
  • Showing vs. telling
  • Awkward phrasing
  • Weak verbs
  • Consistent voice & style
Feedback will be in the form of your manuscript as a word document with comments, as well as an email detailing any patterns or major issues noticed.

Due to the extensive changes that can arise from line editing, copy editing and/or proofreading should be done afterwards.

Price: $0.012/word
[50,000 word manuscript = $600]

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Copy Edit

After revisions and line edits, a manuscript needs to be checked for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. This step happens BEFORE you format the manuscript for publishing. Copy editing involves checking for:

  • Grammar
  • Usage
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Formatting
  • Missing words
  • Technical consistency (spelling, capitalization, font, numerals, and hyphenation used consistently throughout)
Feedback will be in the form of your manuscript as a word document with corrections shown by track changes and my comments throughout. I will include an editorial letter if I notice major patterns or issues.

Price: $0.006/word
[50,000 word manuscript = $300]

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Proofreading happens AFTER the manuscript has been formatted for publication and involves checking for typographical errors. This includes:

  • Grammar
  • Usage
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Missing words
  • Technical consistency
Feedback will be in the form of your manuscript as a word document with track changes showing all corrections. There should not be comments at this point, as I will not suggest major changes to the text, but I will note any big issues I catch.

Price: $0.004/word
[50,000 word manuscript = $200]

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Bolt-on Light Content Edit

Sometimes a full-on developmental edit won’t fit into the budget, so I offer a simple content edit service that can be added to either the Line Editing or Copy Editing options. This includes a basic check of:

  • Structure
  • Characterisation & character development
  • World-building
  • Pacing
  • Plot
  • Consistency
Feedback will be in the form of your manuscript as a word document with comments, as well as an email detailing any major patterns or issues noticed.

Price: $0.001/word
[50,000 word manuscript = $50]
(only in conjunction with a line editing or copy editing service)

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Beta & Sensitivity Reading

Beta Reading
As a beta reader, I will:

  • Note issues regarding character/story arcs, dialogue, pacing, continuity, and plot
  • Suggest ideas on how to improve the story or characters, or fix plot holes
  • Offer honest and direct feedback
  • Note aspects of the story, characters, or writing style that I enjoyed. I believe writers need all the encouragement they can get, so I always mention what I honestly loved.
  • Advise you what type of editing service you may need, if any
Price: $0.002/word
[50,000 word manuscript = $100]

Sensitivity Reading
A sensitivity reader assesses a manuscript for anything that could be offensive to a particular group or minority. This can save you from losing sales or your good reputation due to an inaccurate or offensive description.

My expertise as a sensitivity reader is in mental illness and neurodiversity. I will identify any offensive or inaccurate content related to those areas and supply suggestions for how to correct them.

Price: $0.002/word
[50,000 word manuscript = $100]

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on the length of the manuscript and is agreed upon in the contract. In general, proofreading a 50,000 word manuscript may take 3-4 business days, while line editing the same manuscript might take 8 business days.

“Rush” orders are negotiable and dependent on my availability.


Any fiction or non-fiction genre is welcome EXCEPT horror or anything with very graphic violence. Please warn me about any passages in your manuscript that may be disturbing.

I’m experienced in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal, and most types of Romance. But I’m always excited to learn the ins and outs of new genres.